Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Limited Edition fused glass pendants on Ebay

I have decided to put some extremely limited edition fused glass pendants and jewelry on ebay weekly. I will be listing every Tuesday. I will also start sharing some techniques and more jewelry pics in my blog. Here are some of the limited edition pendants up for this weeks auction on ebay. My auctions end every Sunday.  The two pendants below are some hand etched dichroic fused glass pendants I have been working on that are up for auction. I love these. So vibrant with color.

Next, we have some of the ever popular tree of life dichroic fused glass pendants up for auction. The bottom portions are done with glass frit blends that I make. The top portion is dichroic glass. The trees are glass fusing decals that our studio makes. I have over 60 pieces up this week! Don't worry I won't show them all on the blog ;)



  1. Beautiful Blog!!! I had newer seen such type of creative jewelry.

  2. where do i find these ???
    how much????
    i love them...